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For more than 20 years constant development, our food dummies have become distinctive and unique workmanship. In consequence of a startling lifelike production, our articles bear a striking similarity to real food. Due to a grip similar to nature and an almost real weight of the material composition of the plastic material used, you would think that real food is concerned and not plastic reproduction. All articles have one original and are confected in a time-consuming handicraft by carefully qualified employees here in Germany, in Munich.

Application fields – where to use our food dummies:

  • Decoration for one-line shops
  • Substitute for perishable food at the arrangement of the show window
  • For demonstration purposes in the packaging industry
  • Teaching materials for professional colleges and nutritional counselling
  • Probs for film, theatre, TV and food photographers
  • Substitute for real food at fairs and events
  • for a better sale of own products by a perfect presentation
  • as a visual menu in gastronomic specialities restaurants

Wer sind die Abnehmer?

  • Butcher’s shops, confectioneries, household supply stores, cafés,
  • Professional colleges, nutritionists, hotels, restaurants, photo studios
  • Prop master, decorators, shop building firms, shop window decorators
  • Packing machine manufacturers, ice-cream cafés, advertising organizers
  • Gift article shops

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