About Us

The company:

For more than 20 years constant development, our food dummies have become distinctive and unique workmanship. In consequence of a startling lifelike production, our articles bear a striking similarity to real food. Due to a grip similar to nature and an almost real weight of the material composition of the plastic material used, you would think that real food is concerned and not plastic reproduction. All articles have one original and are confected in a time-consuming handicraft by carefully qualified employees here in Germany, in Munich. Every part is poured individually into a cavity, hardened in the stove, refinished and re-coloured extensively with paint-brush and by airbrush technology. Slight deviations in colour and form are wanted and a sign of the high-quality handicraft. Our production programme meanwhile comprises more than 2000 different products and the range of products increases constantly.

The production:

The material used for production, a soft PVC mixture as well as PU foam, has proved at the market with regard to the complex application fields. It is resistant to light and deformation up to 80°, washable and durable for many years by low care. The articles are not hollow bodies and consequently they are also hygienically applicable, water cannot penetrate. For the cavity construction we use Silicone showing an unbelievable exactness in the design and thereby admits a gigantic spectrum of design possibilities. As far as our concept allows, special productions can be realised with the materials used.

References: Press / TV:

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